Why RMC?

Working with Right Mind Creative is easy. Here are nine good reasons why partnering with us is the clear choice when looking for a creative agency.

Work One-on-one.

We feel the best way to give you the perfect solution is to work one-on-one. Getting to know you and your organization as best we can guarantees your getting exactly what you need to communicate your message and get results. When you call Right Mind Creative you'll be talking to the same person that will be working for you.

Custom, Custom, Custom.

Every piece of work that passes through our office is treated as a one off project. We don't keep a stock of designs to reuse for each client or offer a standard package. We know your unique, the product we deliver is tailored to your specific requirements.

On Top of Our Game.

We are educated and experienced. We know our craft inside and out. We work hard to make sure we stay on top of new technologies. Right Mind Creative is a partnership with experience ranging from multinational corporations to small design studios and print shops.

Pay Less, Get More.

Our studio is small, and we intend to keep it that way. You won't be paying to operate an office full of account managers, sales people, and secretaries. Our low overhead means the savings are passed on to you.

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees.

Know how much your project is going to cost before it's started and once it's done and paid for, you'll own the final product. Worried about who'll maintain the site once its done? We can help you with that too, but only pay when the site actually needs work.

Flexible Payment.

A website can be a big investment, we understand its asking a lot to drop a bunch of money all at once. Working one-on-one we can set up a payment plan to suit your budget. Once the project is complete and paid for we'll sign over ownership and it's your's to use as you please.

Your Success is Our Success.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed, our goal is to help leave your competition standing in the dust. Besides, we love bragging about how great our clients are.

We Love What We Do. Period.

We eat, sleep and breath design 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s no secret happy designers think bigger and work harder. The idea is simple: Fun Sparks Creativity. The more fun we have, the bigger we think. The bigger we think, the more fun we have.

Process orientated.

For every project, we follow a four step process for success. This ensures we stay on time, on budget and deliver exactly what you need.

1. Learn

At the start of each project we do we ask a lot of questions. This step is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, your competitors, your business plan, and your goals. We want to know as much about you as possible. Its the only way we can be sure to deliver the best solution.

2. Create

With all we have learned about you, we put together a plan. Details like timelines, technologies, content generation, and deliverable are all part of the plan. We begin moving through the plan we have created, working closely with our client. Ideas are born, concepts are created, and designs begin to take shape.

3. Perfect

With approval, we enter the Perfect stage. With a direction chosen and a firm vision of the final product we roll up our sleeves and bring all the pieces together. Even getting a little dirty if we have to. At the end of this stage of work we have a nearly finished product.

4. Deploy

We go over the entire project to give everything one last final polish. Once we are certain everything is perfect and all our goals have been met we deliver the finished product. Websites are moved to their permanent home and printed materials are put into production.