Paper with Seeds = Brilliant Idea

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Paper with Seeds = Brilliant Idea

Paper with Seeds

Check out these postcards designed by WestmorelandFlint and printed by Studio on Fire. There are seeds embedded in the paper. Once your done with the post card you can plant it and watch your new flowers grow. These particular cards are for a landscaping company, but this idea could apply to anyone in the “green” or environmental industry. This technique would be great for business cards and small takeaway pieces as well as post cards, and is sure to make a big impression (no letterpress pun intended).

For more pictures visit Studio on Fire’s blog; Beast Pieces.


Laura England said
on Jun 25, 2010

Love it! I must find a way to use this in some of our marketing material.

Andy Reierson said
on Jun 28, 2010

Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed the paper and execution. This was a great piece that is capturing a lot of attention.

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